Here are a list of terms found in the world of Legends to help you all keep up with everything. Spoilers ahead!

Aeon-An all-powerful deity created by the First Star at the beginning of Creation. Their sole purpose is to create and maintain life throughout the Universe.

Aeos-The planet where the Aeons rule over humanity.

After Era (AE)-The era following the defeat of Zadon and the conclusion of the Divine War.

Argos-An overcrowded city in the midwestern region of Astrelm. Countless people fled to the city during the Great War to seek refuge from the Empire.

Ark Knights-A league of warriors blessed with the magic of Arkaeon himself. The Ark Knights were created to combat the Destroyer and his demons during the Divine War. Their order led to an entire human sub-species called “Arkanians.”

Arkaeon-The God of Justice (commonly referred to as the “Godhead”). He rules over humanity and the other deities from the Divine Realm.

Arkanium-(Commonly referred to as “magic crystals”) a crystalline element of concentrated magic energy. It is an essential power source for humanity found beneath the surface of the planet Aeos, resulting in countless mining operations throughout history.

Arkrelm-The floating city of the Ark Knights created by the gods after their victory against the Destroyer in the Divine War. It can only be reached through a hidden altar or by being teleported by someone already in the city.

Army of Darkness-Zadon’s legion of demons, which he created during the Divine War to wipe out humanity and overthrow the other gods.

Astraea-The Goddess of Light and Creation. She cast off her immortality so she could continue to directly lead humanity as the queen of the New World of Astrelm.

Astral Force-An ancient technique used by the Ark Knights to enhance their energies.

Astral Sword-A Divine Weapon forged from a shard of the First Star itself. Its holy energy makes it the demons’ greatest weakness.

Astral Wall-The massive force field shielding the city of Newtown from invaders. Such a barrier is powered by the Royal Family’s seemingly limitless supply of Arkanium.

Astrelm-The kingdom ruled by the descendants of the Goddess Astraea.

Azura-The Goddess of the Seas. Her spirit resides near the ruined Colosseum in the aquatic city of Ventasia. Legends say her waters heal all wounds, and can even revive the dead.

Azurean Ocean-The massive body of water standing between Astrelm and Novarelm.

Baemoth-A large, horned beast with a thick hide of fur found in the mid-regions of Astrelm.

Before Era (BE)-The era preceding the end of the Divine War.

Bow of Light-A Divine Weapon filled with the power of the Goddess Astraea. Her royal descendants can summon this weapon, which can destroy hordes of demons and even immobilize Zadon the Destroyer.

Cal-The standard currency used throughout Astrelm.

Celestial Clock-The dial used to measure time on the planet Aeos. It is typically depicted alongside the First Star to symbolize time’s all-encompassing role in the Universe.

Centurion-A member of the Nova Empire’s military force.

Chaos-A primordial, unstable energy existing outside the Universe.

Cosmel Tunnel-A long, subterranean tunnel connecting Newtown’s Inner Ring to the outside of the capital.

Crystal Star-A mystical stone housing the spirit of an Aeon. Four of them have been protected for centuries inside the Divine Temples in multiple ancient cities.

Darkrelm-A dark dimension created by the gods where Zadon was imprisoned after his defeat in the Divine War. This realm is also used by the Ark Knights as a prison for Aeos’s worst, most powerful criminals.

Darkrelm Projector-A mystical device that opens a portal to Darkrelm. Such technology is considered a more advanced version of the Stargate Projector. The crystal artifact powering this device is of unknown origins.

Death Riders-A cult of demonic warriors serving the Dark Lord, Kaiser. Powered by their master’s evil magic, their only goal is to spread chaos and destruction. The guild was created after the Invasion of Newtown by infamous serial killer Jack Valak, a.k.a. Lok (The “Lord of Chaos”).

Death Valley-A desert valley in the southwestern region of Astrelm. The ruins of the Forgotten City and the Temple of Talus are located somewhere in the canyons.

Demon-Savage creatures created by Zadon’s dark energy at the start of the Divine War. They typically dwell in dark caves and ancient temples and only roam the wilderness at night. Demons are also extremely drawn to magical treasures, resulting in them guarding such relics in the ruins where they reside.

Divine Calendar-The calendar chronicling the events during the reign of the Aeons. It is divided into two sections marked by the Divine War.

Divine Realm-The astral plane where the gods and deceased souls dwell. This realm is found within the energy of the Universe itself.

Divine War-The epic conflict between the gods, demons, and Ark Knights.

Divine Weapons-A series of mystical weapons forged from Arkanium to combat the demons in the Divine War.

Dual Magnums-A pair of silver revolvers used by Jesse.

Earthbreaker-A silver claymore wielded by Darek.

Gandorian Serpent-A breed massive snakes who are typically found in the southern wetlands of Astrelm.

Garlok-A large, bat-like demon layered with stone skin and capable of flight.

“Godslayer”-Erik Harbinger’s award-winning novel. The story chronicles an Astrean soldier assigned to raid an compound and assassinate the Imperial general hiding there. However, he becomes disillusioned by the horrors he witnesses inflicted by both armies during his journey across the battlefield. The novel received widespread praise for its critical depiction of war, imperialism, and its dehumanizing effects on soldiers. It has become an essential part of academic studies throughout Astrelm, and it remains a popular read amongst Rangers fighting in the Great War, as well as a personal favorite of King Ramon himself.

Gorlok-A humanoid demon with green skin and black eyes capable of using weapons and tools.

Great War-The worldwide conflict that evolved from the Imperial War after Kaiser’s attack on Newtown, marking the public entry of demons and Ark Knights into the strife.

Gunslinger Films-A genre of films popular during the early days of cinema. Such films typically display a lone traveler proficient with guns who battles criminals terrorizing villages the protagonist comes across.

Harbinger, Erik (1912-1973 AE) An award winning wartime journalist/author who found success in writing numerous classic books, specifically his first novel, “Godslayer.” He tragically committed suicide after a decades-long battle with trauma and depression left by his time chronicling the Imperial War. His death, combined with the popularity of “Godslayer,” led to widespread protests throughout Astrelm against the war and its damning effects on those fighting in it.

Holy Lance-A silver spear wielded by Kaylah.

Iblis-The God of Fire. His spirit sleeps in the temple in the heart of the lost city of Mesadah. Known as the “Shield of the Gods,” the flames he wields are said to reach temperatures higher than that of the Sun itself.

Imperial War-The hundred-year conflict between the Kingdom of Astrelm and the Nova Empire.

Invasion of Newtown (July 19th, 2017 AE)-The Imperial invasion of the Astrean capital of Newtown, led by the Dark Lord, Kaiser, who singlehandedly bombed the Royal Citadel and destroyed the Astral Wall. This invasion marks the transition from the Imperial War to the Great War.

Kamina Village-A small, seaside community located on the eastern Astrean coast. It is surrounded by a series of mountains that prevent demons from invading its territory, making it one of the safest towns in Astrelm.

King’s Speech-The leading language used by the people of Aeos.

Knights of Astrelm-An elite guild of knights, who specialize in Divine Weapons, serving directly under the Royal Family of Astrelm.

“Legends of the Stars”-A collection of religious texts central to the Aeon faith. The Ark Knights have access to a version with scriptures unseen by the rest of humanity.

Leviathan-An ancient, flying beast that has existed on Aeos centuries before the rise of humanity. They were considered guardian spirits serving the gods in ancient times. The steel found on the skins are a nearly indestructible material used in the construction of Divine Temple vaults.

Malakor-An enormous, fire-breathing demon with powers on par with an Ark Knight’s. Legends say this breed of demon acts as chief devils in Zadon’s army during the Divine War.

Mesadah-An ancient, ruined city buried near Mount Saurum. The Empire discovered the city and most of its powerful relics before being chased out by demons. Legends say it was once a thriving city made entirely of gold before being consumed by a volcanic eruption.

Mount Saurum-An active volcano sitting near the ruins of Mesadah in the heart of the Wasteland. Whenever someone looks at the volcano, they can always see a massive cloud of smoke shaped a dragon surrounding the peak.

Mulhorn-A large, wooly creature with long, curved horns that dwell in the Kavalah grasslands.

Newtown-The capital city of Astrelm located at the center of the kingdom. The city is divided into two sections (or “rings”) divided by tall, stone walls.

NEXCorp-A worldwide conglomerate responsible for numerous technological innovations, such as the NEXphone and Stargate Rings.

NEXphone-A popular smartphone used by people all throughout Aeos.

Nova Empire-(Commonly referred to as “The Empire”) The governing body ruling over the continent of Novarelm and all outside countries it has invaded.

Operation Red Sea (carried out on May 14th, 2009 AE)-The plan carried out by Imperial agents in an attempt to assassinate the Royal Family of Astrelm during the false peace summit in Ventasia. This only resulted in the tragic murder of the Queen of Astrelm, but also the successful invasion of Ventasia.

Promethean-An android soldier created by the Nova Empire to serve as a replacement for the Centurions in the Imperial Army. Their advanced A.I. and enhanced strength makes them a deadly and unyielding opponent.

Rangers-A guild of warriors fighting against the Nova Empire in service of the Kingdom of Astrelm.

Sarclops-A giant, one-eyed demon with superhuman strength and endurance. They are typically found in the mountain regions of Astrelm.

“Skypiercer”-A vastly popular and critically-acclaimed video game franchise in Astrelm based on the Ark Knights of legend.

Sol System-A gravitation system consisting of eight planets, including Aeos, and countless other celestial bodies orbiting the Sun at its center. This is considered to be the current cosmic domain of the Aeons.

Solus-The capital of the Nova Empire, sitting in the heart of a frozen valley in the Eastern continent. Aside from the Imperial Palace, the entire city lives in constant darkness beneath the oppressive reign of Emperor Alderic.

Stargate-A magical portal used by humans to travel across the planet Aeos. There is a Stargate operating at the center of each major city in Astrelm.

Stargate Ring-A watch-like device used by the fighters of Astrelm to teleport across the kingdom. Owners of such a device are the only ones capable of using Stargate after the Invasion of Newtown.

Starlight Sword-A Divine Weapon used by Princess Astra. Once used by the Goddess Astraea, this rapier was passed down to the women of the Royal Family for generations.

Storm Blade-A katana wielded by Jesse. He acquired it during the Great War after buying it from a traveling sword master seeking to escape the conflict.

Talok-A reptilian, bipedal demon capable of wielding tools and weapons. They are an offshoot of the demon dragon, Zepherok.

Talus-The God of Earth. His spirit is housed in the Divine Temple found in the Forgotten City. Legends say his spirit holds the land together, and can harness energy buried within the planet itself.

Tree of Life-A hexagonal diagram of the First Star, which represents the unity of the seven Aeons.

The Ancient Abyss-A massive crevice standing in between the Kingdom of Astrelm and the Nova Empire. It was forged by the Destroyer, Zadon, when he emerged on the planet and initiated the Divine War.

The Divine Seven-The seven Aeons who watch over all life on Aeos.

The First One-The title for the original Ark Knight who was directly granted his divine powers by Arkaeon himself. He shared his powers with his disciples and created the Order of the Ark Knights.

The Forgotten City-The ruined capital of the Old World where the Star of Talus resides.

The Great Cataclysm-A devastating event in which Zadon split the Old World in half and unleashed the demons on the planet. This global disaster marked the beginning of the Divine War.

The Old World-The grand civilization that once ruled over the entirety of Aeos before its destruction at the hands of Zadon in the Divine War.

The Wasteland-A barren valley overrun with fire and demons separated from the rest of Astrelm. At the heart of it stands the active volcano, Mount Saurum.

Valon-The God of the Skies. His spirit sleeps in a crystal kept in the temple at the center of Arkrelm, powering the city with his energy. Legends say he has full control of the planet’s atmosphere, and that the weather serve as messages of the future.

Ventasia-The aquatic canal city sitting on the border between Astrelm and Novarelm. The Empire had taken control of the city during a false peace summit ten years prior to the Battle of Newtown.

Zadon-The God of Destruction (commonly referred to as “The Destroyer”) who turned on humanity in ancient times and unleashed demons on the planet Aeos. After his defeat, his spirit was sealed away in the prison world, Darkrelm.

Zepherok-A giant, demon dragon that dwells in the ruins of Arkrelm. They are a rare breed of demon mainly found in the highest mountains in Aeos.

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