Here’s a list of the bios for the characters of the novels. I plan on updating them as my stories develop.

(Possible Spoilers Ahead!)


Jaden Kalidan

The Last Ark Knight

Age: 20


Dark Night Sword

Astral Sword

A young man with a tragic past fighting in the Great War for the Kingdom of Astrelm. As the last of the Ark Knights, he wields magical powers gifted to him by the gods of old. He’ll do whatever he can to protect those he cares about, even if it means living alone.

Astra Zarelian

Princess of Astrelm, The Goddess Incarnate

Age: 20


Starlight Sword

She is a caring and compassionate young woman who will do anything to protect her people from harm. However, she does not like her independence being challenged. Carrying the blood of the Goddess Astraea, she is tasked with defending the kingdom from the demon plague. However, her inability to access her powers causes her to doubt herself.

Revan Zarelian

Prince of Astrelm

Age: 24


Divine Armor

Celestial Sword

Sacred Shield

After losing his mother to the Empire, he vowed never to let anyone else die on his hands. Inheriting the Royal Family’s sacred armor, he became a skilled fighter and an adored leader in the fight against the Empire. Despite this, he withholds a severe lack of faith in humanity and in Jaden. 

Jesse Andros


Age: 20


Dual Magnums

Storm Blade

A traveling merchant who encounters Jaden at the start of the Great War. He is a kind and generous soul who loves to make friends, but he fears for his life in the face of danger. But after witnessing Jaden’s courage during the Newtown Invasion, he is inspired to join the fight against the Empire.

Kaylah Andros


Age: 20


Holy Lance

Jesse’s twin sister and traveling partner. Growing up without any parents, she took the role as Jesse’s guardian. Inheriting a strong capacity for love and empathy, Kaylah refuses to let innocent lives suffer.

Darek Garland

One-Armed Swordsman

Age: 25



A former Imperial soldier who lost his arm as he fled to Astrelm. He wears a bionic prosthetic that enhances his strength significantly.  He avoids fighting in the war out of fear of being captured by them once again. Nevertheless, he supports the war effort by supplying weapons to the Rangers as one of their top members.



The Dark Lord

Age: ???


Sword of Destruction

Demon Lance

He singlehandedly conquered the city of Newtown on behalf of the Empire. He is also master of the Death Riders, a cult of sadistic warriors infused with his evil magic. His true identity and dark powers remain a mystery.


Emperor of Novarelm

Age: 65

The iron-fisted ruler of the Nova Empire. He plans to claim the First Star for his own so he can conquer the world.


Lord of Chaos

Age: 27


Chaos Saber

Infernal Dagger

The leader of the Death Riders and Kaiser’s right-hand man. His thirst for bloodshed knows no limit. Thanks to the dark power granted by Kaiser, he and his men have been responsible for the deaths of thousands in the Great War.


Imperial General

Age: 60

A decorated general of the Imperial Army who prides himself on satisfying his Great Emperor. Having encountered Jaden in the past, he bears a strong vendetta against him for tarnishing his perfect record.

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